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Action Builders Hobart


For Your Existing Space

It can be stressful building a new home and you can be assured renovating is a whole new level, but at Action we welcome the challenge. Hobart is blessed to be the home of many excellent builders. Most builders will provide you with your desired product. However, renovations require different sets of building and management capabilities. They present challenges seen and unforeseen. We view the challenges as opportunities to apply our wealth of knowledge and expertise, a chance to truly build.

Meeting Your Needs

Our primary focus when renovating a house is to ensure we meet our clients’ individual needs. This involves taking the client's design ideas and incorporating them into the renovation plans while also ensuring that the design is structurally sound, that old build can be matched to new build, and that all necessary building codes and regulations are met.

Respecting Your Living Space

Whenever possible, we ensure our renovation projects allow our clients to remain safely and comfortably living in their home. We respect our clients living space. Our builders, trades and suppliers have been successfully working in our clients’ homes for over 40 years.

Enhancing Value

We fulfill renovations that transform existing homes into ultimate living spaces. However, we also seek to perform works that significantly increase the value of the property. This is consistently achieved by applying quality building standards to designs that create more contemporary and/or functional designs. This enables our clients to maximize their return on investment if they choose to sell the property, or enjoy their living space indefinitely if they choose to remain in it.

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