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Action Builders Hobart

At Action Builders Hobart, we understand that one of the most common and reasonable questions from our clients is:

How will my build project get finished, especially with so many builders going into liquidation? And how are Action Builders financially secure?

Advanced Business Software

We utilise cutting-edge business software to monitor daily cash flow, invoices, progress payments, and the amount of clients' money held. While having this software is beneficial, having a dedicated business manager to understand and use it effectively is crucial. Our business manager is committed to overseeing these aspects meticulously.

Industry Body Contracting

We contract through reputable industry bodies like the HIA (Housing Industry Association) and MBA (Master Builders Association). These organisations provide robust fallback options for both clients and builders, ensuring that agreements are more than just a simple word document between parties.

Progress Payment Structuring

We set progress payments based on the actual stages of the build, ensuring that payments are made only for work completed. We've collaborated with banks to restructure project progress payments into smaller, more frequent amounts. This method improves cash flow management and reduces financial risks for both clients and financial institutions.

Project Scheduling & Capacity Management

We individually schedule each project from start to finish, along with overall business scheduling. We never take on more projects than we can complete, ensuring quality and timely delivery.

Employee Investment

A majority of our employees have financially invested in the business, driving them to contribute to its success. This collective commitment enhances our stability and ensures dedication to high-quality work.

Transparent Quoting & Supplier Relationships

All our suppliers and subcontractors are quoted upfront, eliminating hidden surprises for both the builder and the client. We finalize prices as close to the start of the build as possible to account for any potential price increases, ensuring that everything is considered and transparent.

Directors & Assets Security

Our directors are registered through ASIC and have underpinned the business by offering their assets as security. This demonstrates our commitment to the business and financial stability.

Financial Security

Over the past four years, despite industry challenges, we have successfully maintained a financially secure business. We have a solid financial reserve in the bank to ensure all projects run smoothly and financially sound.

Professional Bookkeeping & Accounting

All our bookkeeping and accounting services are provided by WLF in Hobart, a reputable professional accounting firm that conducts a monthly health check for the business. This ensures ongoing financial health and accountability.

Quality Assurance

We use top-tier subcontractors and materials to maintain high standards of quality, minimising the need for onsite rectifications during the build.

Transaction Accountability

We have a two-signature policy for all monetary transactions from the business to ensure accountability is upheld at all times.

Professional Budget Management

Professional business budgets are completed and meticulously monitored by our Business Operations Manager to ensure strict adherence and financial discipline.

At Action Builders Hobart, we are dedicated to providing you with a secure, high-quality building experience. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we are committed to delivering exceptional results through our disciplined financial practices and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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