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Frequently Asked Questions


The Answers You Need

No problem.  The first step is to have a quick 10-15 minute chat with one of our Project Consultants.   We call this a “Discovery Call”.  It is a basic fact finding call that enables us to establish whether we are the right type of builder for you and allows you the opportunity (obligation free) to get a feel for us and how we do business.  If both parties would like to move forward at the conclusion of the call, then we would arrange to visit your home at a suitable time to talk about the project in more detail. 

Can I arrange for someone to come to my house and give me a quote?

This is not an easy question to answer due to the variety of building projects that exist.  As a custom home builder, each project we undertake will have a different timeline depending on its unique attributes.  As a rule though, we find that roughly the following will apply in most cases:

  • A full bathroom renovation will be 6-8 weeks 

  • A small internal renovation across multiple rooms with no extension, 8-12 weeks 

  • A large remodel including extension of the existing house can be anywhere from 12-26 weeks and beyond, depending on the complexity and extent of work 

  • New Homes – generally we allow about 36 weeks for most new homes, however the bigger and more complex they are, the longer they take. 

​Throughout the proposal process, we would identify your specific needs and timelines and discuss the intricacies of your project with you so you would have a clear understanding of the estimated project life before we start work. 

How long will my building project take?

This all depends on the details of the project.  Considerations in working out this answer would be, the size of the project, the location, the materials/suppliers/trades required, the complexity, the finishes, the level of compliance required and the stage of compliance already reached.  It is unfortunately highly unlikely without full consideration and detail being established that we can give any indication of a likely starting date.  The option that we offer is that if you opt-in to a Preliminary Building Agreement with us, we will reserve you a construction slot within your required timeframe, this way, throughout the whole quoting process with us, you have the peace of mind that your spot is secure and already booked. 

If we wanted you to do the job, when could you start? 

A proposal fee is a fee for services that we charge to clients who would like us to assist them to get their project ready for commencement.  For a project to be ready to commence, the following is provided by our business…. 

  • VIP access to our teams vast experience and expertise to assist you through the complex compliance process 

  • A fixed price and detailed project budget to empower you to make your own decisions on inclusions and exclusions 

  • Priority trade access to ensure that trusted tradespeople are available and ready to work on your project 

  • A personalised selections process to ensure that you have VIP access to our suppliers and guidance on all selections that need to be made to ensure the project runs smoothly 

  • An indicative project schedule of works so you know how long your project is likely to take 

  • A guaranteed construction slot to be sure that you can begin work when all the documentation is taken care of 

  • Peace of mind that you have an experienced team and reliable business representing your best interests throughout the whole process. 

What is a proposal fee?  What does it include?

While it would be lovely to be able to give our potential clients a price over the phone for their building projects, to do so would be misleading.  If you contact a builder who is willing to do so, run the other way fast!  There are so many factors to consider and include. A builder cannot be sure of what the true total price of a project will be without putting significant time and enquiry into the quoting process.  At Action, in the best interests of all parties involved we only provide accurate and detailed quotes.   

How much do you charge to build …. Eg: a 3 bedroom home 

In short,  PBA is a Preliminary Building Agreement.  It is an agreement between the builder and the client, to work together to collect all the information and certification required for your project to begin. 

We will collate all this information into a Project Proposal that will include the following key items: 

  • A fixed price offer for the agreed scope of works 

  • A detailed project budget specific to your needs (not just m2 rates or estimates) 

  • A detailed scope of work so it's clear what is and what is not included in the fixed price 

  • A list of required trades 

  • A schedule of product and material selections you have made throughout the process 

  • An indicative project timeline 

On completion of this document, we will personally present the proposal to you and explain each section in detail so that you are fully informed and able to make further decisions before taking the next steps. 

As an added "sign-up" bonus, we will also reserve one of our limited construction slots for your project so that you can be sure that we are ready to go when the time comes to begin building. 

(NOTE:  A PBA is not a building contract) 

What is a PBA and why should I sign up? 

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