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I think we love this renovation even more than our clients… and that is saying something!
Pillinger is located on the picturesque Mount Wellington, nestled in fern trees and occupied by many furry native friends.

The design blends harmoniously with the natural surroundings, as evidenced by the timber sliding doors and stunning spotted gum windows that complement the inviting finished deck for entertaining.

The kitchen is skillfully crafted with rustic charm, featuring beautiful timber elements and a sunken kitchen trough, seamlessly integrated fridge, and impressive ceiling rake design. The high-quality deck and polished floors further enhance the overall appeal, while the striking feature rafters add to the aesthetic.

The construction process required extensive innovation and skill sets. Incorporating spotted gum double-glazed windows without architraves into the renovation demanded rare construction techniques and detailed engineering to achieve seamless integration with the old house and to ensure that the new roof pitches and angles matched.

The transformation of this home is so epic that it cannot be fully appreciated if you did not see it prior to the building works being completed. However, don’t be totally fooled by the renovation’s beauty… it was tough going!

The site frequently presented cold and snowy weather conditions during construction. Site access was challenging. Maintaining the comfort, health and safety of our staff, trades, and clients (who remained living in the home) during the threat of COVID-19 was difficult. Ensuring that the new structure integrated harmoniously with the old dwelling, which, upon demolition, was revealed to be missing some footings and structural elements, meant our carpenters were constantly and unexpectedly challenged throughout. As a result, the one goal we didn't achieve on this project was our timeframe. However, we can honestly say we did everything in our power to finish this project as quickly as possible. We maintained consistent communication with our clients throughout, and they, in turn, could not have been more fair or supportive of us.

Pillinger was the ultimate renovation. An enormously challenging design and build that led to the ultimate aesthetic transformation of an old and rustic home, enabled by the work of our employees, trades, and suppliers... and supported by our cooperative and valued clients.

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