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Saw Mill


New Home

One of our favorite clients of all time called us frustrated with her architect and a lack of communication from several builders. It was a typical story: a plan was drawn that couldn’t be built within her budget. Our client had lost faith in the architect and the many builders who were not communicating with her. We let her know that we weren’t sure if we could satisfy her situation, but we could guarantee that we would communicate efficiently and do all we could to help. Our Project Consultant Team wrapped their arms around her, and many months later, we started the build.

When designing the building, special attention was paid to its exterior, especially in terms of using various building materials that would blend seamlessly with one another. The resulting color scheme and design were exceptional, and the structure's immense street appeal surpassed all of the clients' expectations.

The interior of this project was crafted with exquisite attention to detail, with a commitment to quality in every aspect. From luxurious tiling to meticulously planned kitchens, to the combination of timber and polished concrete floors, adding barn doors and a residential lift, this house is packed with impressive finishes that create bright and spacious living areas now and into the future.

We invested significant time in assisting our client from inquiry until the keys were handed over for her to move in. As a result of our efforts, we established a strong relationship that has continued and led to referrals. We are overwhelmed to know we played a part in our client realizing her dream home. We regard this client not just as an advocate, but also as a friend.

Saw Mill
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